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Ready to read what all the fuss is about? Here I’ll share some of my own insights and a summary of some of the other TapouT XT workout reviews that I have found. Hopefully this gives you a little bit more insight into what you can expect from the TapouT XT program, who it is geared toward and what kind of results you can really get if you decide to commit to doing the whole program.

First off, TapouT XT was created by a MMA trainer. What that means is when you take part in the exercises you will be doing a lot of cardio that involves kicking, punching and other combat techniques. I personally love this type of workout. It makes me feel powerful and like I can take on anything, particularly getting lean and strong. I also feel like I get a great workout each and every time I pop in a disc. This is a 90-day program and often when I do home workout videos, by the end of the program I am nearly bored to tears. Like I can do the routines in my sleep. This is different.

I like how the TapouT XT program mixes things up. It’s not just all about cardio. You will also be doing a lot of resistance training with the resistance training tools you are sent. And don’t worry; every body part will get a workout. Unlike some of the other programs out there, I really like that I don’t have to buy additional weights, which can be expensive and I don’t have to install any equipment in my home – like a pull up bar.

Sometimes when I do cardio kickboxing classes in a group setting at the gym I feel silly. When I’m able to do the TapouT XT routines in my home, where no one is watching, I feel like I can really focus on the moves and make them my own. The coolest thing is there are real pro MMA fighters who are doing the routines along side you and they are sweating too. So you feel pretty much like a badass when you complete a workout.

Of course, cardio isn’t everything. I am often really good at doing cardio and really bad about incorporating stretching into my workout routines. That’s why I love this program, they send you a special TapouT XT yoga DVD. I’m not a yogi by any stretch, but I’ve looked at the TapouT XT yoga reviews online and this video gets rave reviews from those who are really into yoga. The best part for me is it feels great. It’s by not means a free pass where you lay on your back and doing some breathing exercises. Your muscles will get a workout doing this routine, it isn’t easy, but you will also be increasing your flexibility.

So, if you want to feel empowered, train like a pro and really step up your fitness level without forgetting about important things like strength training, stretching and nutrition, TapouT XT is a great option to choose, let the TapouT XT workout reviews speak for themselves.

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