TapouT XT2 Review

After finishing and see amazing results from 90 Days of TapouT XT, I took a little well deserved break from the extreme MMA training. I stayed busy and healthy by running, swimming, yoga and watched what I ate but needed a bit of a break after 3 months of TapouT XT. I was considering doing a second round of TapouT XT or maybe revisiting P90X, Insanity or even trying the new Les Mills Body Combat when I saw that TapouT XT2 was going to be released. I wanted to see if any TapouT XT2 reviews were online anywhere but since the product was not released I could not find any TapouT XT reviews.   I knew the time was now to take my fitness and training to the next level so I ordered the 60 Day TapouT XT2 kit while I it was available for pre-sale with Free Shipping. Here is my first TapouT XT2 review based on the first 6 weeks of TapouT XT2.

I had a to wait a while to get my TapoutT XT2 kit because they did not start shipping until a few weeks after the pre-order but the wait was worth it. The marketing of TapouT XT2 kind of reads like “if you have not done TapouT XT, you may not want to even try TapouT XT2.” I don’t really agree with it but do believe that you should be in decent shape before attempting these workouts. TapouT XT2 is very intense and these workouts are longer and more challenging than the original TapouT XT. However, I absolutely love these workouts. They are fun yet not easy. Mike Karpenko is back and is even more intense yet also encouraging.  I get to see and train with my new favorite MMA fighther, UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones and his upcoming opponent Chael Sonnen.  Quick side note- if performance in the DVD workouts is indicative of how they fight- Jones is going to smash Sonnen.

The 10 TapouT XT2 DVD workouts are amazing and with XT2 you get to use a jump rope just like how real fighters train, the XT2 Weighted Training Ball (I got the 4lb version), a new nutrition guide and two workout calendar- a 60 day TapouT XT2 program and a 90- Day hybrid that mixes TapouT XT with TapouT XT2 Workouts.  I have not used the hybrid calendar but plan to when I am done with XT2.  I still have two more weeks wiht TapouT XT2 but have done all of the workouts so figured now was as good as time as any to write my TapouT XT 2 Review and comparison to TapouT XT

TapouT XT Vs. TapouT XT2 Review

The main difference is the intensity of the workouts.  They say that TapouT XT2 is extreme training reinvented and I think they are correct.  TapouT XT was 12 DVDs and 90 days and XT2 is 10 DVDs and 60 Days.  Most XT workouts were around 45 minutes while most XT2 workouts are closer to an hour.  They both give a full body workout and both have workouts that will hit any weakness you may have.  My legs are my weakness and Plyo XT in XT1 and Hurl XT and Drench XT for TapouT XT2 hit them hard but I loved it.  With XT I lost weight and got ripped with XT2 I really felt like I was training because my measurements have not changed much but my performance and tone are off the charts.  I can honestly say that after only 6 weeks of TapouT XT2 I am in the best shape of my life.

TapouT XT2 Review of Each Workout

  • Cross Core Combat 2:  Loved the original Cross Core Combat and loved this one even more.  The inclusion of the XT ball was great
  • Drench XT:  Intense cardio with some great MMA training moves using the jump rope and punching.
  • Hurl XT: flat out the most intense single home DVD workout I have ever done.  So crazy but felt amazing after
  • Sprawl and Brawl 2- fun, challenging and similar to the original XT workout but stepped up a level
  • Buns and Guns XT2- hard on the buns and very unique on the arms.  Guns were pumped
  • Mobility and Recovery- so much better than original Yoga XT.  Better flow and more tied to real recovery.  Felt great after this
  • 8 Pack Abs XT- wow- Karpenko is crazy with this ab workout.
  • Total Body XT- a complete body workout.  Most favorite TapouT XT workout
  • Fight Night XT- MMA focused and I liked training with the UFC fighters
  • Leg Xtreme- very hard for me but legs are my week spot.

I hope you like my TapouT XT2 review and found it helpful.  I will do another TapouT XT2 Review when I am 100% done with the program.  2 weeks to go.

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