Meal Plan Review

I have a confession – I absolutely love to eat. Of course, it is my love of food that has turned me into an absolute home workout junkie. The more I workout the more I can eat right? Sometimes though, I find the numbers on the scale creeping up a littler higher than I would like them to be. But reigning in eating habits can be a challenge, as most people who’ve ever gone a diet know. That’s why whenever I feel like I need to get back on track with my eating habits I typically test out a new home workout routine at the same time to really push myself. After hearing about the TapouT XT program from a friend who looked fantastic, I decided to try it for myself. As we all know, getting in shape and feeling great is not just about doing workouts. A huge part of being successful with the TapouT XT program is eating right. That’s why I want to share with you the TapouT XT Meal Plan review.

Among the many things I like about the TapouT XT program, coming in at close to the top of the list is probably the TapouT XT Nutrition Guide. When you order your TapouT XT workout, in addition to getting sent all of the workout DVDS, resistance band and training band, you’re also going to get something else – The TapouT XT Nutrition Guide. If you’re a cynic like me and you see all the before and after pictures for the TapouT XT program and think, “is this for real?” I’ll tell you the answer. Yes, but you really do need to figure the nutrition part into it.

The good news is, like my friend told me in her TapouT XT Meal Plan review, sticking to the TapouT XT Nutrition Guide isn’t too difficult since the meals are pretty yummy. They will send you the guide, which includes 20 full days of meals. The meals focus on creating healthy eating habits, like cutting out sugary drinks, unhealthy snacks and junk food. In its place, you’re going to be given a meal plan that includes lots of healthy vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Where carbohydrates are concerned, there will be less than you are probably used to eating because highly, processed white flours do not make healthy eating habits. Whole grains and brown rice are suggested substitutes in limited quantities.

In addition to the nutritional guide, there is also a 10-day slim down plan that you will be sent. Unlike the meal plan, the slim down plan is really for those who want to try an intense diet for 10 days. And that means eating only two meals and a snack each day. The slim down plan includes 10 days of suggested breakfasts and either a lunch or dinner option, along with a snack. Since this is a low calorie plan, I’d recommend making changes to your eating habits using the 20-day plan first and then, when you are ready, try the slim down plan.

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