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Get ripped. Build confidence. Lose weight. Oh, and have a lot fun while doing it. Sounds too good to be true right? That’s what I thought when a friend of mine recently said those were the results you could expect after doing 90 days of a workout program called TapouT XT.

It had been a while since we’d seen each other and she looked amazing, so I asked her what her secret was. She told me she’d been doing a program called TapouT XT. Being a self-described workout junkie myself, I knew I’d heard of the program before, but had somehow gotten into my head that it was a program more geared more toward the fight club crowd. When I got home I immediately started researching the program and found that yes, the workouts focused on Mixed Martial Arts moves, (real MMA fighters do the routines along with you on the DVDs), but the routines are intense, high-energy cardio and the TapouT XT reviews said that they are great for fitness nuts like me.

A professional trainer and MMA conditioning coach named Mike Karpenko leads the workouts that will leave you drenched in sweat, buzzing with endorphins and inevitably ready for more. This guy trains all the top MMA fighters! But there were a few other things that pushed me to eventually purchase the workout program. Besides seeing my friend’s success with the workout, I liked that you could complete the workouts in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule. Another benefit was that everything you needed for the workout came right there in the box. There were no weights needed, no pull up bars to install (in fact you aren’t expected to have to do one single pull up during the entire program – yay!). But the best part is the company will refund your money if you don’t get amazing results.

I thought, “why not try it?” So I did. I received the workout plan pretty quickly and was excited to get started. TapouT XT includes a total of 12 DVDs. Each of the discs focuses on a different body part, so you are able to work your total body. Along with the DVDs, you get a TapouT XT training band and a XT Extreme resistance band. These are the items you use instead of weights for the strength training portions of the exercises. You also get a nutrition guide, which is one of the keys to losing weight and building muscle.

I also received a 10-day plan to slim down, an abs workout along with a workout calendar to track progress and a towel. To read my full review and a summary of TapouT XT Reviews from others, click on the Workout Reviews tab.

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  1. Wow- I really liked this review. Too many of the other sites I went to with TapouT XT reviews seemed to have links to other programs or were trying to sell me stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do a unbiased and honest review of the Tapout XT system. Looks like you had some great success. I am looking forward to buying TapouT XT too.

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